We specialize in empowering individuals with special needs through guided activities in nature.

Lotem is the leading organization in Israel empowering children and adults with disabilities through guided activities in nature. Recognizing the contribution of what going out into nature can do for the quality of life of every person, the association seeks to make the travel experiences accessible to the entire population. We guide children and adults with physical, mental, sensory, mental, communication disabilities and populations at risk.

Many years of work alongside an in-depth familiarity with special populations allows us to modify the trip to the needs of the participants physically, programmatically and emotionally.
The trips are guided by a team of professional and experienced guides. During the activity, emphasis is placed on empowerment, development of life skills, promotion of motor skills and knowledge of basic concepts.

The trips take place in small groups of up to 15 participants in the group. The training aids are adapted to each group according to need, such as use of communication boards for children with communication disabilities, 3-D aids for youth with visual impairments, and abstract and illustrated explanations
for adults with various mental disabilities.

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