Meet Lotem,
the leading organization in Israel
guiding trips and activities
for people with special needs.

Our team consists of instructors with professional and academic training, along with military teachers and female youth in the National Service.

Amos Ziv
Founder and CEO of the Lotem Association

Retired Major with a background in business administration and management experience. In 1993 he launched and established the Lotem Association. Since then, he has served as its director. As part of his position, Amos initiated the construction of the accessible path in the HaShofet River and the establishment of the Biosphere Reserve in Ramat Menashe Park. He was also a partner in the accessibility team of the Old City Basin in Jerusalem, as well as the team that promoted legislation for accessibility in open areas in the Equality Commission for People with Disabilities in the Ministry of Justice.

Vered Sabag
VP of Education, Director of Nagish Lehakir Center

Vice President of Education at the Lotem Association and has been managing the Nagish Lehakir Center for the past six years.
She has been working in the Lotem Association for over 20 years in various management positions. Specializing in cognitive accessibility and developing customized training programs for various groups and people with special needs.
Engaged in training and accompanying many centers in their accessibility process, Vered is a lecturer and professional guide of museums and tourist sites for people with cognitive impairment and accessibility in general.

Lee Zucker Cohen
Director of Training and Development

Lee manages training and development at Lotem - trips, classes and Emek HaShalom Farm. She loves the outdoors and adventures. Lee believes in the human spirit and that everyone deserves to live a full life.

She holds an MA in labor studies from Tel Aviv University with completion from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and a MA in history from Hebrew University. She brings to Lotem a wealth of experience in managing associations and non-profit organizations in Israel and the USA.

Hani Hameiri
Manager of Emek HaShalom Farm

For 30 years she has been involved in education, training and program development for children and adults in various settings. For over 10 years, Hani has been managing the Emek HaShalom Farm of the Lotem Association. She specializes in cognitive accessibility and developing customized training programs for groups with special needs.

Sorin Hershko
Chairman of the Association

Sorin has a BA in sociology, is a programmer and the owner of a software company. He fought in the Entebbe counter-terrorist hostage-rescue operation, where he was seriously wounded and has been confined to a wheelchair ever since.
As someone intimately familiar with the difficulty of accessibility in nature sites, Sorin was enlisted to lead the Lotem Association and help provide children and adults with special needs the opportunity to venture out into nature in an accessible way.

Almog Mehatzri
Outdoor Education Manager
Almog previously served as a soldier instructor in Lotem’s North branch, and has been working for over a decade at the association.
She has experience in training and writing training systems tailored to populations with special needs and accompanying and managing teams.
She graduated with a BA in psychology and communication and an MA in psychodrama. Almog believes in the healing power of nature in connection to the human soul.
Gaylee Schif
Resource Development Manager

As Jewish National Fund’s LOTEM Liaison for Making Israel Accessible, Gaylee Schif is working with JNF to promote the vision of inclusion in Israel. Gaylee is a Sabra, born and raised in Israel. Gaylee has a BA in Political Science and Journalism and a Master's degree in Internal Auditing with extensive experience as a local newspaper editor and as an internal auditor of government authorities and companies. As a mother of a child who has struggled in her early years with disabilities, Gaylee feels committed to integrating children with disabilities into society and sees supreme value in advancing this value-based vision.

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